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Personal Assistant & Good Boss Training Courses

We are offering training for you and our Personal Assistant. 
All of the training will take place at our office:
The Disability Action and Advice Centre 
4 Waldegrave Road
TW11 8HT

We can cover up to £10 towards travel costs and you will get a certificate on all courses.
Book now to avoid disappointment

1. Awareness of challenging behaviour in adults 15th January 2019 9.45-3pm

Learn more about what 'Challenging Behaviour' is, what can cause it and how best to diffuse potentially difficult situations.


2. Good Boss Training Friday 11th of January 11am – 3pm

Assistance with travel costs up to £20.00 for Individual Employers

There will be talks throughout the day on:

  • how to safely recruit PAs
  • how to set the boundaries
  • how to keep control
  • what to do if things go wrong
  • keeping everything safe and legal

 BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL or call 020 8831 6083

5. Emergency First Aid 19th February 2019 9.45am – 4pm

This 3 year qualification will equip you with skills to be able to confidently undertake emergency first aid if someone becomes ill or injured at work. The content covers the basic essentials required to provide emergency care to a patient. Candidates will receive training in a range of first aid skills including:

  • The ability to act safely and effectively when an accident or emergency occurs.
  • The treatment and priorities of care for an unconscious patient.
  • The recognition and treatment of a person in seizure.
  • The recognition of cardiac arrest and delivery of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • The use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • The ability to recognise and safely treat a patient who is choking.
  • The ability to safely and promptly treat a patient who is bleeding.
  • The keeping of simple records following an accident at work.

Please note that this training would cost you or your employer £156 with St John's Ambulance and £139.20 with the Red Cross. This is FREE. Please book to avoid disappointment.