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Fairness for All 2017 

In 2014 Ruils, in partnership with other local user-led organisations in the borough, surveyed local disabled people, the elderly and people with long term health and mental health conditions to find out about their daily experience of living with a disability or impairment and the impact of cuts to benefits on their quality of life. 

We found that:

  • Just under half of respondents reported that their income, in real terms, had either stayed the same or had gone up
  • Between 2010 and 2014, whilst the majority of respondent reported no cuts to their income, a minority of people had experienced a reduction in benefits payments and the social care and support which they relied upon
  • Between a third and half of the respondents reported that they had experienced some deterioration in the four key areas of their life - care, daily essential living, disability-related expenditure and getting out and about. 
  • There were signs that unwanted changes in income and services had had a negative effect on respondent's emotional well-being 
  • a significant minority of respondents reported that in 2014, they faced significant challenges in their daily life - through access issues, other people's attitudes towards them, Hate Crime and getting out and about

Three years on, we want to know if anything has changed. Have people's circumstances improved or worsened? What are the challenges that people are facing today.
To this end we have launched Fairness for All 2017. This is the same survey that we released in 2014. By comparing the data we hope to gain insight in to the experience of disabled people living in the borough of Richmond. 

You can take part in this survey by:

1. Completing the survey online -

2.By telephone - please call our volunteer, Patty Lloyd on 0208 831 6413 on Monday or Thursday 9.30AM to 11.30AM

3. By post - If If you would like a paper version please call 020 8831 6083 and we will be happy to post one out to you. 

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