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Image: Online Resources

Information from the NHS and Government can help you avoid the fear and anxiety that misinformation can cause. The NHS have a number of self help leaflets available.

For those living with dementia, the Alzheimer's Society offer practical advice on staying at home including activities. Music for Dementia have produced a musical guide. Arts for Dementia have remote events available online. The Wessex Heritage Trust have downloadable reminiscence activities, designed for people living with dementia.

For those living with mental health conditions, MIND are providing support over the phone. There are also a number of helplines available to offer information, advice and guidance during this time. Kooth is an online support mental health service for young people aged between 11 and 21.

The National Autistic Society have tips for autistic people and families.

NCT have information on coronavirus and pregnancy. There is also a free information book for children.

Richmond Council have identified ways you can enjoy nature from your home. There is also Virtual Kew and Let's Go Outside and Learn that have weekly nature based activities.

Richmond Library have information on their digital library, where you can access ebooks, e-magazines and audio guides.

There is information online about excercise you can do at home. These include Easy, low impact exercises, NHS Fitness Studio and home workout videos.

Age of Creativity have a range of creative ideas focused on literature, dance classes, virtual art and museums, performing arts, music and singing.

Time Out London have a range of events and attractions online focusing on theatre shows, virtual quizzes, cooking workshops and more. You can also access museums through Google Arts and Culture.

There is audio files to provide relaxation techniques. You are able to complete jigsaws online.