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update 01/04/2020:


For shoppers and prescription  volunteers

PPE equipment (packs of 3x masks and 10x gloves) are now available at the Ruils office. please just call ahead on 02088316083 to collect. We do recommend you use a mask and gloves when shopping.

ID badges are on their way out to you this week. For those of you who have not had one yet I am making up temporary id ‘emails’ you can use in the mean time

Please make sure the photo of your receipts goes to and cc – and that you leave the actual receipt with the client.

For Befrienders:

I have attached our ‘feedback form’ which you can use to build a diary of your phone calls, and then send back to me every few weeks. Do get in touch if anything more urgent comes up or your client needs shopping support

For Ruils befrienders who have been with us since before this outbreak, thank you all for keeping up with your calls and please do get in touch if you have any concerns about your client. Your continued support is really appreciated in this time!


Get Involved

We are recruiting Volunteers to assist with telephone befriending and/or shopping for our most vulnerable clients in this difficult time.

As a telephone befriender you will be matched with someone who is isolated and your role would be to contact them on a weekly basis to have a chat and check how they are getting on. If they need extra help Ruils can help to set that up.

Volunteer shoppers will be matched with a client and on a weekly basis. Shoppers will call the client, obtain a shopping list, do the shopping and drop the shopping at the person’s home. Equally those collecting prescriptions will do the same.

To apply download the form here

There is a version of the form for IPad here , and a printable pdf version here 

Return your form to and someone will be in contact to set you up  quickly. 


Resources and Updates for current Volunteers:


Up to Date Covid-19 Information



NHS guidance for adult safeguarding

Richmond Council guidance for adult safeguarding

Wellbeing / Mental Health

NHS guidance on anxiety and stress

Mental Health Foundation - how to look after mental health


NHS guidance on communication in Dementia