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Image: Sitting & Befriending

The Sitting & Befriending Service

We can help find a Sitter/Befriender to support your family, give you a break from caring or to be a companion to your child or teenager helping them to access social and leisure activities. Sitters are interviewed, DBS checked, referenced and trained. They can:

  • Babysit at home while you go out,
  • Help you with the children at home,
  • Accompany your child or young person to an activity they enjoy,
  • Take part with your child/young person at an activity,
  • 'Hang out' at home with your young person while you go out.

To register with the service, download our registration form. 



For Richmond Borough, send it over to or call Sue on 020 8831 6083.

For Kingston Borough, send it over to or call Hallie on 075 0802 2431.

We will arrange a home visit with you to tell you more about the service and to find out more about your and your family's needs. 

Looking to become a Sitter/Befriender

If you are looking to become a Sitter or Befriender, please download and complete our Application Pack and email it to Sue: or Hallie: They will contact you to arrange an interview. 

"Jack is making progress socially and loves his time
with Chris so we are very grateful. It is also a lovely
break for us to have someone else interacting with
him and joining in with his activities".
Mum, Twickenham