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How is Social Prescribing Working in the Community?

Nora Kerezovic

Link Worker, Kew, Sheen & Barnes

Social Prescribing Day marks one month of me being a Social Prescribing Link Worker. The role is exactly what I was hoping it would be!

I have worked in publishing and as an adult tutor, and in this new role my communication skills are being put to good use. I’m still able to guide people and work to improve their stories, which gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.

Being based in GP surgeries and working in partnership with them and the community medical teams highlights the importance of Social Prescribing for me. I listen and absorb the details of the people’s needs and identify the gaps that medication alone cannot fill. Then, I explore the possibilities in the local community which specialise in the various areas of need. These needs can range from practical matters like housing, benefits, unemployment to other issues that can impact on someone’s wellbeing – bereavement, social isolation and a feeling of being lost.

Some of our clients say they require help as they “cannot see the wood from the trees”. I’ve discovered that by picking up the phone and speaking to people, listening to their stories, hearing their concerns and fears, then mapping a route with them to navigate through the situation, is extremely helpful. Connecting and linking people to a potential solution is the first step towards progress.

Social Prescribing helps to ease and sometimes eradicate that feeling of loss and being lost. No one wants to feel like that they are stuck in a gap or a margin. I feel proud that I am able to help people come out from the margins and into their community.

It’s great to know the network of local support from agencies, charities and community centres which is available for everyone. Working with these professionals is also inspiring, as we are all on the same trajectory towards change. The chain of support that we link people to is strong and committed.

I approach each client in the knowledge that we all have interests and something that brings us joy. I believe finding that and reconnecting with it and others is great ‘medicine’. The power of social interaction, exercise and being in nature cannot be underestimated.

For me, being a Social Prescriber is akin to being a human, empathetic satnav helping others when life feels stuck ‘recalculating’. The good news is that we can turn around, we can redirect and take different pathways and discover more helpful and rewarding routes in life.

Thank you to my colleagues and all the Social Prescribing Link Workers across the UK, you are making a difference!


Nora, Link Worker in Kew, Sheen & Barnes

Nora, Link Worker in Kew, Sheen & Barnes