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Social Prescribing Healthy Lifestyle Resource

The Healthy Lifestyle Resource was created by Ruils in partnership with Richmond GP Alliance. From exercise apps to online exercise classes to suggestions of outdoor activities; this resource has a range of resources to inspire and help clients keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Who came up with the idea?

Our Link Worker Kathleen received requests from other Social Prescribers about client's diets, particularly for diabetes and weight loss, and thought it would be great to have the healthy lifestyle resources in one document so they could access it easier in the future. She also received a request from a GP, who said that there wasn't a single document that had all of the available resources to hand in the GP surgeries. It made sense to put together the Healthy Lifestyle Resource so the GPs can dip into it when they are with a patient in addition to making it available to patients.

Why was it created?

We receive referrals from GPs regarding clients who are looking for ways to improve their health and fitness, especially at this time with COVID. We want to refer into local exercise opportunities whether that's an exercise class or a walk in the park. We want to make fitness accessible to all so there are online resources for healthy ageing and chair yoga/fitness for those who need chair- based exercises.  By offering a wide range of choices we enable people to choose whatever activity they prefer. Some people like indoor or outdoor, face to face exercise, others are happy with an online yoga class.” - Kathleen, SP Link Worker

Who will the resource benefit?

“The resource will be beneficial for the social prescribers to use with their clients and anyone who would like to improve their health and wellness whether they are looking for an exercise app, a weight loss programme or an exercise activity.  There is also a wealth of nutrition support in the form of recommended cookbooks and online resources for weight loss, diabetes and general health.” - Kathleen, SP Link Worker

What do you hope this resource will accomplish?

“My reason for developing the resource is to inform, encourage and motivate our clients to improve their health and wellbeing. You don't need to take on a HIIT class to improve your health, even 10 minutes is worthwhile and it's about taking that first step. We support clients to take that first step! I am hoping that it will help the SPs and GPs prescribe activities and provide relevant information based on client needs.” - Kathleen, SP Link Worker

How will it be distributed? 

It is available on the Ruils website and will be distributed digitally to our GPs and emailed to clients on request.

You can download the Healthy Lifestyle Resource Here