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Image: Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing Richmond 

This is an exciting new service delivered by Ruils in partnership with the Richmond GP Alliance. Social Prescribing supports people to take control of their health and wellbeing by connecting them with activities and support in their local community.

It starts with a GP or other health care professional making a referral to one of our link workers, who will then meet with the person to find out more about them and what they are wanting to achieve or change. The link worker spends time getting to know the person and together they explore different options available in the local community.  This could include supporting people with things like managing stress, loneliness, finding social groups, learning new skills, physical activity or getting information on employment, benefits, housing and legal advice.

We have 7 link workers who will be based within GP practices across the borough. They work with a group of practices who have all come together to offer a wide range of services to their local community. 

Social Prescribing is a new initiative introduced by NHS England as part of their long-term plan. Evidence from the pilots shows that it can lead to a range of positive health and wellbeing outcomes, such as improved quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

Please contact Narinder Dosanjh, our project lead, for more information
To read more about our link workers  click here. 



‘Social Prescribing is an exceptional service that is invaluable. It’s so nice to have someone to listen and understand. I had no idea all of these things are out there. I was ignorant of all these things' client quote from Rotherham report on Social Prescribing