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Image: Leaving a Gift to Ruils

Will writing, leaving a Legacy or Giving a gift in Memory

Remembering Ruils in your will provides valuable funds which mean that Ruils can continue its services, reach out to the people that need us most and develop new services for them. We are very grateful for the generosity of all our donors who help to fund our projects and help more people have choice and control over the support that they receive. If you would like to leave a legacy to Ruils you will need to give instructions to your Solicitor.

What should I do?

A legacy is a gift of money, property or possessions left in your will. If you decide to give to a charity, the gift is currently tax-free so everything you leave will go towards the work of Ruils.

Making or revising a will is important and we recommend you seek independent advice from of a solicitor.

There are 4 different types of legacies:
1) A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money. You can protect this type of gift from inflation by linking it to the Retail Price Index.
2) A specific gift is a tangible item such as a house, piece of jewellery, silver teapot or car.
3) A residuary legacy is a gift of the whole or a share of whatever remains of your estate after all other gifts have been distributed and any debts paid off OR
4) You can also ask people who care for you to make donations in your memory e.g. In lieu of flowers at your funeral. 


You may want to support a particular project or activity. Over time our activities and our sources of funding change and an open legacy gives more flexibility to make the most effective use of your legacy. If there are binding conditions attached to a legacy which we cannot satisfy, Ruils may not be able to benefit from the legacy.

If you would like to remember us in your will, we recommend that you chat to your solicitor. They will be able to make the necessary changes. 






No one likes to think about death, yet it is an intrinsic part of life. Planning for your loved ones is crucial. Making sure your will is up to date will ensure that your loved ones are cared for. Should you wish to leave a Gift, leaving a legacy to Ruils will make a big difference. It will help us to carry on the work we do, helping people to live independently and to realise their potential.