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Image: Bright Futures

Bright Futures - SEND Transitions

A new service at Ruils supporting disabled young people aged 16-25 and their families with transitions – social/health/education/work.

A lot changes, or starts to change, for disabled young people when they reach 16. What happens in the next few years will be the foundation of their adult life. There are options to be considered, choices to be made and so many decisions affecting every part of their life. The way forward is not always clear. Young people may know where they want to get to but not how to get there or they may not know where they want to get to because they don’t know what’s available.

What is needed is information, advice and support at the right times. Easy to say but not always easy to achieve. Families with a disabled young person may have a lot of people involved in their lives – school, clubs, social workers, medical professionals – it can be a long list – but they may find that while the professionals know all about their own area they may not know a lot about options in other areas – so there can be gaps.

The Bright Futures service is there to fill in those gaps! Through workshops, an online knowledge base and more hands on support where needed we aim to make sure that families and young people have the information they need, know what their options are and to feel confident that they can make the best decisions for their future.

Want to know more?

Contact Sue Robson at and on 07508 530693

Click here to download the Bright Futures registration form

We will be:
• running workshops for families on a variety of topics eg wills, trusts and deputyships; benefits including PIP and UC; Mental Capacity Act assessments; what to look for in a college; social care support from adult social services and the EHCP from 16+
• running workshops for disabled young people, most likely in schools
• building a library of documents, blogs, webinars, etc. for parents to access online about a wide range of topics
• providing hands on support for families who need more support through phone calls and meetings
• facilitating the Post 16 Maze parent support group
• building relationships with professionals in both statutory and voluntary organisations

Join us at one of our forthcoming workshops: 

Preparing for the Adult Social Care Assessment and Direct Payments, 9th May, 10.30am, Peter and Paul Centre, Church Road, Teddington

When your young person turns 18 they may be eligible for support from Adult Social Care (ASC).  The only way to establish whether they are or not is through a care assessment.  Come along and find out what the ASC assessment involves, how you can prepare for it and, should your young person be eligible, what might be the outcome.  We’ll consider the pros and cons of council provided support and having the money to manage the support yourself.

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